Great bike records were key to this recovery

May 04, 2020 By John Manley 573 Recovered Bikes


Sometime on 24 March 2020, our arch-enemy bike thief removed a Norco Charger mountain bike from a garage in Vermont.  Fortunately, the bikes conscientious owner was able to provide photos, the frame number and a great description, which ultimately led to its identification by police.  Fortunately too, the unwitting crook proceeded to ride his new steed around the same area.

The owner best described what happened next....... 

The police found the stolen bike ……... The investigator came onto BikeVAULT and simply typed in 'Norco Bike'. Mine was one to pop up, fit the description and I was near to where they had found the bike. I was called in to the police station and reunited with my bike! I'm so glad I put my bike on BikeVAULT as it resulted in SUCH a quick and easy find. Thank you!!

Police use of PropertyVAULT - leads to results

The secret to the police success was knowing how to find the bike’s owner.  Detective Sergeant Russell Church of the Knox Volume Crime Taskforce said that they checked it on PV with Property Officer Janine Vavasseur, an expert user of PropertyVAULT having used our service to quickly identify owners for multiple stolen bikes.  Janine, quickly found it was one in the same with the Vermont bike.  And the rider?  Well he was charged with handling stolen goods.  Great job by all!

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